BowFlex UpperCut Moves to Try at Home

Posted On Sep 5, 2013 By Chad Martin

A fit man using a BowFlex Uppercut.

It seems like the fitness industry is always progressing and  developing effective fitness equipment, such as  the BowFlex UpperCut with A.R.C. technology that—according to a Southern California University study—activates up to 30 percent more muscles, enables up to 4X as many reps and delivers incredible control and stability.

Everyone that frequents my site knows that I am a big believer in trying different types of apparatus and workouts. Using muscle confusion is a way to stimulate and keep the body guessing, so machines like this interest me because if they are truly different in form and function, then they will deliver a great workout.

One thing to keep in mind is that, because the BowFlex UpperCut is a very unique piece of equipment, it takes some time getting used to. Also, when using the UpperCut, be ready to engage your core as well, since stability is the large factor.


Chest Presses – Include classic pushups (elbows out), triceps pushups (elbows in tight against the BowFlex UpperCut), flying pushups (intense – clear the ground with hands and feet), the birddog pushup (opposite arm – opposite leg).

Lay the BowFlex UpperCut long-ways and place your chest against the padding with your arms on each side. Lower yourself down until the UpperCut touches the ground, then explode up. This is a great way for beginners to perform a pushup on their own or for those in rehab for shoulder or elbow injuries. Advanced users can try a one-arm pushup. For incline pushups and core work, you should place your feet on the padding.

Pikes – Include normal tuck pike (glutes go as high as they can in the air with legs locked), knee tuck pike (bend knees to pull close to chest), and bridge pike (with back on ground. Dig your heels into the padding on the UpperCut, and curl your legs into your glutes).

Flys – You can't do a move like this with any other piece of equipment. Grab the handles on each side and place your chest on the pad. Slowly lower yourself down until BowFlex UpperCut hits the floor; then power your way back up almost like you are carrying a barrel. Start on resistance #3 if this feels awkward. It will take some time to perfect this movement, but your chest will feel it the next day.

Dives – These deceptively simple-looking moves will create an intense core workout. Grab the front of the bar with both hands, then extend the BowFlex UpperCut all the way to the floor. Squeezing your core tight, bring your whole back up to starting position. Start on resistance #3 if this is too difficult. You will feel this in your back and upper chest also.

Shoulders – For a great rear shoulder exercise, standing up, place the padding against your chest, grasp the bars and pull in a reverse arc until it fully opens.