Fit Tip Thursday: The Three-Day Workout Routine

Posted On Mar 19, 2015 By Tom Holland

Fit Tip Thursday: The Three Day Routine

One question I am asked frequently is how exactly to structure weight training sessions. Should I do my full body every time? Should I do one body part per day? Two? Which ones?

The answer is determined by a few factors, two of the most important being the person's specific goals and the number of days per week they will be working out.

For the person who wants to exercise almost every day, and their goal is basic overall toning and strength, one of the routines I recommend highly is the three-day routine, also known as the "Three-Day Split." Here is a simple breakdown of one of the most-effective three-day routines:

This routine has you splitting your upper body into two separate days and getting your lower body in on the third day. This "split" allows you to work each body part two times per week, and add in one day of complete body rest as well. By challenging each body part multiple times per week, but not too much, you will maximize your results.

And you don't have to work your full body every time, which will significantly decrease your workout time.

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