All the Single Ladies Workout

Posted On Feb 1, 2018 By BowFlex Insider Team

Fit Tip Thursday: All the Single Ladies Workout

We at BowFlex like to treat the month of February as a heart-healthy month of empowerment. Valentine's Day can be hit or miss – but no matter which side of the debate you fall on, there is no denying that personal achievement can be one of the greatest paths to feeling amazing about yourself. Jumpstart your day with this heart-pumping, cardiovascular HIIT workout. You'll not only feel refreshed; you'll be ready to take on the month of February in a bold new way.

All the Single Ladies Workout, while challenging, is an absolute blast of an exercise. You'll tone your glutes, hamstrings and thighs, you'll get great ab-engagement and if you perform this exercise with friends, we guarantee that you'll get an even greater ab workout from all the laughter, especially as you dive into the double butt kicks. And trust us, this exercise WILL kick your butt into shape - pun very much intended.

Give this workout justice. Give it power. Put everything you've got into it and you'll really reap all the benefits. And if you love it and need more? Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more cardio and strength routines.


From a standing position, step your right leg behind you and to the left until your thighs cross (knees will be bent). Ensure proper alignment. Return to standing and switch sides.


Start in a squatting position. Jump sideways to the right and land on your right leg. Then bring your left leg behind to your right ankle. Think of it like you're skating – don't let your left foot touch the floor.

Double Butt Kicks

Start from a standing position with knees slightly bent. Quickly squat, flexing at the hips and the knees and explode upward into a jump. Tuck your heels, attempting to kick those buns. Finish by landing with the knees partially bent. Repeat.

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