The One Set Of Dumbbells Workout

Posted On Dec 28, 2017 By Tom Holland

The One Set Of Dumbbells Workout

If there are three things that you should focus on when it comes to exercise, it's:

  1. Mixing it up
  2. Maximizing your time
  3. Maximizing your results

All of these work on physiological as well as psychological levels. Every great fitness program incorporates all of them. Scientifically-based, varied workouts, quality over quantity.

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. I came up with the one-dumbbell workout years ago for both myself as well as the clients for whom I used to design in-home programs. For me, it happened while traveling: I would be working out at a hotel gym that had a limited amount of equipment, including just a few sets of dumbbells. Similarly, I would often go to a client's house to design a program for them with the equipment they had on hand, which was often just a few sets of dusty old dumbbells as well.

The question was simple: Could you get in a quality strength workout given a limited amount of equipment? Could it possibly be done with just one set of dumbbells?

The answer is yes.

The One Set Of Dumbbells Workout

Not only can it be done, you can also add this one-dumbbell workout to your repertoire even if you have a wide range of dumbbell options available, like with SelectTech Dumbbells. This one-dumbbell workout is a great way to mix it up, maximize your time and maximize your results.