good carbs vs. bad carbs

Should You Carb Up for Weight Loss?

Posted On Jun 30, 2014 By Erin Kuh, MBA, RD

Could eating more carbs actually help you lose more weight? You've cut out bread, pasta, pretzels and potatoes. Not to mention ice cream, cookies and chips. While you're better off without some of these high-calorie, high-carb options, where do you... Read More
Calories intake for weight loss

How Many Calories Do You Need to Lose Weight?

Posted On Apr 11, 2014 By Erin Kuh, MBA, RD

Calories, shmalories. Do they really matter? Yes, absolutely. Even when your diet consists of brown rice, grilled chicken and veggies! Weight loss is all about calories in vs. calories out, but where do you begin with the calories-in part of... Read More
Almond Flour

Healthy and Delicious Almond Flour and Gluten-free Recipes: Appetizers

Posted On Aug 1, 2013 By BowFlex Insider Team

These days, there are so many alternatives for baking and cooking for those diagnosed with Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance. One common substitute is almond flour, so we decided to reach out to our friends at the Almond Board of... Read More