A plate of chorizo and spinach stuffed mushrooms.

Chorizo & Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

Posted On Feb 1, 2019 By Amanda Wormann

While I love sharing recipes, I’m more of a make-it-up-as-you-go kind of girl at heart. I start with a craving and then choose the type of meal I want to make (soup, tacos, slow-cooker, stir-fry, lettuce wrap... Read More
A pot and bowl of chicken soup next to a wooden spoon on a table.

Healthy & Healing: Creamy Turmeric Chicken Soup Recipe

Posted On Jan 23, 2019 By Amanda Wormann

Winter is synonymous with soup – am I right? I love making a big batch on Sundays to last the week, and find myself dipping in for a hot cup as a mid-day pick-me-up. It’s more affordable than buying at a local cafe... Read More
A mug muffin with blueberries sitting on a table.

On-the-Go High Protein Mug Muffin

Posted On Jan 7, 2019 By Erin Kuh, MBA, RD

High protein breakfast. Between what the research says, clients’ experience, and my own personal diet, high protein breakfasts work. They offer multiple benefits, including keeping you fuller longer, help control hunger... Read More
A jar of bone broth on a table.

3 Ways To Use Bone Broth

Posted On Jan 2, 2019 By Amanda Wormann

You’ve likely heard a lot about bone broth lately. It’s trending in the health and wellness world and is taking over shelf space in grocery stores – but all for good reason. The healing benefits of bone broth are many... Read More
Roasted sweet potatoes with thyme

Stay Sweet: Thyme-Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Posted On Dec 24, 2018 By Amanda Wormann

We all love visitors, and the holidays bring many. We’ve got the big ones under control – Thanksgiving, Hannakuh, Christmas, and New Years – but its the days in between that can feel like a revolving door of surprises.... Read More