Introducing JRNY with Motion Tracking: The Importance of Proper Form to Function

Posted On Jan 19, 2023 By BowFlex Insider Team

JRNY with Motion Tracking - 'Your form looks great'

If you're reading this, you probably own a fitness tracking device. A Deloitte survey revealed more than half of consumers have a smartwatch or fitness tracker in their household. And 87 percent of those owners are tracking their health metrics, including fitness.*

Get ready to track your progress, because we have launched JRNY with Motion Tracking. You may know the JRNY app for its wide range of on-demand strength, cardio and bodyweight workouts, Explore the World routes, and entertainment options like Netflix and Prime Video. JRNY with Motion Tracking will track and guide your form in real time. It will learn from your input and recommend the next workouts that are best for you.

To learn more about this innovation and what it means for your fitness experience, we asked Tom Holland, BowFlex Fitness Advisor, Exercise Physiologist and Kerry Greer, Lead, Exercise Science and Training at BowFlex Inc. for their insights.

What is new about JRNY with Motion Tracking?

Kerry: "Motion tracking is about form guidance during your workout. Are you moving your body in the right way? Doing a movement incorrectly can increase your risk of injury. One great benefit of correct form is learning how to correctly position your body and distribute your weight, so you are balanced. Doing so will actually help with the same movement patterns you use in everyday life."

Tom: "It's the kind of guidance you'd get from a personal trainer, but it's available whenever you have the time and inclination to work out. And it progresses as you do to ensure that you are challenged appropriately and continue to see positive results."

Man following a JRNY dumbbell workout routine - 10/12 Reps, 30 lbs, 'Keep your back straight'

How important is good form in exercise?

Tom: "It's vital. It's not just about exercise. When you work out, you need to do it correctly to maximize your results while minimizing your chance of injury. JRNY with Motion Tracking helps to accomplish both these goals."

Kerry: "I absolutely agree. Having correct exercise form and having coaching and real-time feedback on your form, rep after rep, will help to increase your mobility, stability, and overall strength. And as I mentioned, having that constant visual and verbal feedback will help you make good form a habit not just within the workout, but in your daily movement."

Will JRNY with Motion Tracking have its own specialized content?

Tom: "Yes. JRNY with Motion Tracking will have special workout content along with coaching to ensure you are doing the right workout the right way. We've learned a lot over the years in knowing what works and what doesn't. This is a culmination of research, development, and design. It combines the latest advancements in exercise content and fitness tracking technology and coaching to keep you motivated and getting the most out of your workouts."

Kerry: "We can't forget the importance of mindfulness. Sometimes a workout starts in good form but, as it moves forward, form can deteriorate and, in some cases, disappear completely. That's when injuries can occur. We want to help you focus on the workout and track the reps one after the other. We've designed the content to help the user stay in the moment with each rep, each motion. The result is a better workout. And this, too, can help you maintain concentration throughout your life."

Woman doing a JRNY dumbbell workout - 9/10 Reps, 10 lbs, 'Go lower in your squat'

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