Fit Tip Thursday: How to do the Perfect Plank

Posted On Jul 30, 2015 By Tom Holland

Fit Tip Thursday: How to do the Perfect Plank

There are few exercises that target both the front and the back of our abdominals as simply and easily as the plank. The plank is an exercise that works the muscles of our core in 360 degrees, essentially combining crunches and back extensions into one powerful core-strengthening exercise.

Like all exercises, executing and maintaining proper form is essential. Don't be like the vast majority of people I see in gyms doing the plank incorrectly - Here is how to do the perfect plank:

There are many variations of planks and they can be modified for all fitness abilities and goals. They require no equipment and progress can easily be measured by how long you can hold each move while keeping good form. Planks will not only help sculpt the abdominals, they will also strengthen the lower back, helping to both prevent as well as alleviate pain.

Fun Fact: The plank world record was broken in May of 2015 by George Hood, 57 years young, a former Marine officer. He held the position for 5 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds.

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