Fit Tip Thursday: How to do the Perfect Chest Fly

Posted On Sep 3, 2015 By Tom Holland

Fit Tip Thursday: How to do the Perfect Chest Fly

Of the several exercises that I consistently see people performing incorrectly at the gym, the chest fly is definitely one of them - whether it be on a machine, with cables or dumbbells. Whenever you fail to do an exercise properly you not only lessen the effectiveness of the movement and decrease your potential results, you also often increase the potential likelihood of injury. While the chest fly is a phenomenal exercise when done correctly, it can be disastrous when certain rules are broken. Here is how to do it like a pro:

When broken down, there are three key components to doing the perfect chest fly:

  1. Don't go too heavy on your weights. You'll know your weight is too heavy if you can't apply the next two components.
  2. Open up your arms wide, like you're going to hug a giant tree.
  3. Go slow and control the movement. This exercise is a stressful move on the shoulder, so going slow and controlling the movement will go a long way towards preventing an injury.

Try these three things to maximize your results next time you're doing your chest fly reps.

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