The Hardgainer's Workout Routine

Posted On May 12, 2015 By Tom Holland

A fit man using dumbbells to perform the hardgainer's workout routine.

Unfortunately, not everyone has an easy time putting muscle on their body. For those that have a difficult time gaining muscle - hardgainers - there is hope. The key is to get the right start to your training, to build a strong foundation for further growth. I believe in a base training phase workout for hardgainers that utilizes a 3-day split. This allows you to hit each body part two times per week with one day of complete rest. This phase is a little longer than most, roughly 4-8 weeks, to allow the body to establish the neuromuscular connections that are essential before size gains can be made. It's a straightforward yet super-effective workout that utilizes the tried-and-true exercises.

All you'll need for this workout is a set of dumbbells and some determination. If you want to begin your training at home, and you don't have a pair of dumbbells at home already, the BowFlex SelectTech dumbbells are a fantastic option.

Hardgainer Workout Routine Chart

The Hardgainers Base Phase Workout Routine

3 sets of 10 repetitions unless otherwise noted. Be sure to use challenging weight.

Mondays and Thursdays: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps

  1. Dumbbell Incline Chest Press
  2. Dumbbell Bench Press
  3. Push Ups - Until Failure
  4. Dumbbell Overhead Shoulder Press
  5. Dumbbell Front Raise
  6. Dumbbell Lateral Raise
  7. Seated Single Dumbbell Overhead Extension
  8. Dumbbell Triceps Kickbacks
  9. Bench Dips - Until Failure

Tuesdays and Fridays: Back/Biceps

  1. Bench Single Dumbbell Pullover
  2. Dumbbell Rows - Arms bent 90 Degrees
  3. Single-Arm Dumbbell Rows
  4. Dumbbell Concentration Curls
  5. Dumbbell Hammer Curls
  6. Dumbbell Curls

Wednesdays and Saturday: Legs

  1. Dumbbell Squats
  2. Dumbbell Lunges
  3. Dumbbell Deadlifts
  4. Dumbbell Step Ups - 15 Reps
  5. Dumbbell Walking Lunges - 20 Steps
  6. Dumbbell Standing Calf Raises - 15 Reps

Sundays: Rest

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