Three Exercises to Get Your Heart Rate Up Fast

Posted On Mar 9, 2017 By BowFlex Insider Team

Three Exercises to Get Your Heart Rate Up Fast

If you want to lose weight, you need to increase your heart rate! Elevating your heart rate through exercising causes your body to burn more calories, so in general, the exercises that cause your heart rate to increase are the ones that will burn more calories.

Why not do these exercises all the time? Well, the catch is that our bodies can only sustain this level of intensity for brief amounts of time. This is why exercises that get your heart rate up fast are generally built into interval workouts – so you get bursts of higher intensity, calorie torching exercises mixed in with periods of lower intensity to keep the body active, but in a lower intensity recovery state.

These three exercises will get your heart rate up fast and are great exercises to build into an interval workout:

The three exercises shown in the video are great to use in interval workouts because they are easy to vary in terms of intensity and speed. They are:

  1. High Knees

    Begin running in place, but bring your knees up to about waist level with each step. You can also do this back and forth in a room or set length of space in a room or outside.

  2. Tuck Jump

    Jump into the air and bring your knees up to around waist level as you reach the top of your jump. Return your legs to a normal position as your body comes back down. This will be a very quick motion.

  3. Skaters (or Skater Step)

    Find a spot in a room or outside where you can jump to your left and right without hitting anything around you. Begin by jumping to one side while keeping your upper body in a low, almost crouched, position. You can even touch the floor when you land your jump if desired. Jump back to the other side using the same motion and repeat.

The faster you go with these exercises, the higher your heart rate will go. Be sure to be smart about it though and don’t push your speed to dangerous levels. Always top out at a speed that allows you to maintain control and proper form for the exercise.

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