Amy's Story: How She Beat the Fitness Plateau

Posted On Mar 21, 2015 By BowFlex Insider Team

Amy's Story: How She Beat the Fitness Plateau

At first glance, many would have guessed that Amy, a medical device representative, might not have far to go in her fitness journey. But after working out consistently for two years, she still wasn't seeing the results that she wanted. Her cardio and weight lifting routine was no longer doing the trick.

While Amy never considered herself heavy, she had hit a fitness plateau and wasn't seeing any physical results from her workouts. After trying other workout options, Amy stumbled across something new – The BowFlex Max Trainer®.

Using the machine for 10 weeks, she lost 6 percent of her body fat — but more importantly, she gained confidence. Amy also began to notice other small improvements to her health, like feeling more energized throughout the day. Even though exercise had been a part of her routine for years, adding in this new workout made a huge difference.

Like many people, one of the biggest challenges Amy faced was finding the time to work out. Finding the right workout with limited time was difficult.

"Sometimes I couldn't go to the gym for an entire hour," she recalled. "Having a machine that offered a quick interval workout opened up more options and times for exercise."

Amy's biggest realization? If you really try and commit yourself, you can lose weight and see results — no matter whether you are just starting out or have been exercising for years. Amy's own personal definition of fitness comes from not being restricted in her life.

"With continuing to improve my muscular and cardio endurance, I'm not limited to what my body can do," said Amy. "Now, if I wanted to go run three miles, I know that I can do it. It's about feeling good and feeling healthy — but looking decent in a bikini doesn't hurt either."

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