1 Minute Core Workout

Posted On Jul 26, 2018 By Tom Holland

1 Minute Core Workout

If you want to know the future of fitness, it’s getting in shorter “micro” workouts throughout your day. Sure, you can still do longer sessions if you have the time, but those will become the exceptions rather than the rule. Working shorter workouts into your daily routine helps solve the number one reason people give for not exercising, lack of time.

What you have to realize is that short workouts work. They matter. Science tells us so.

The secret to getting results from these shorter sessions is simple: You just need to do them consistently. Whenever, wherever you can.

This is especially true when it comes to working your core. Spending too much time trying to sculpt your stomach takes time away from doing other important components of your overall plan, including cardiovascular exercise and strengthening your total body.

Yes, even one minute makes a difference. Here is a 60-second stomach-sculpting session to get you started!

Video Transcription

Hi I'm Tom Holland BowFlex Fitness adviser.

This is the one-minute core workout. 60 seconds is truly all you need to really work, to really challenge, and to really sculpt your abdominals. So we're gonna do three exercises, 20 seconds each and you're really gonna feel it at the end.

Are you ready?

We're gonna start with regular crunches. 20 seconds worth.

Ready and begin.

So small range of motion, really engaging those abdominals and from here we're gonna transition right into a double crunch.

All right. Three exercises back-to-back. really going to squeeze, contract, and burn those abdominals.

All right.

In three, two, one, and double crunches.

Double crunches at home. If you need to take breaks, take breaks.

Again, one minute is challenging when you're really working them non-stop.

Great job, Ryan. Great job, Lisa.

Double crunch working the entire abdominals right now.

All right. You got it. Nice.

Five, four, going into a bicycle crunch and begin.

bicycle crunches all right.

20 seconds worth. One of the most effective exercises.

We progressed as we went. Going from the easier to the harder to the hardest.

Here you go. Keep it up. Just 10 more seconds you guys. Ten seconds. Squeeze each rep. Great job.

Great job at home.

Five, four, three, two, and rest.

And there you have it.

Great job.

The one-minute core workout.

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