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Your Heart Has a Good Reason to Love Exercise

Posted On Feb 13, 2024 By BowFlex Insider Team

woman riding an exercise bike
We all know regular exercise is good for us, but did you know it can reduce your risk for heart disease too? February is American Heart Month – an opportunity to cast the spotlight on our most vital organ and the proactive steps we can take to focus on heart health.... Read More

How the Max Trainer Got Me in Shape Post-Injury

Posted On Feb 9, 2024 By Lisa Traugott

Woman using a max trainer
Let me take you back to last summer, when several injuries, including a calf muscle pull and twisted ankle, left me very nervous to do any cardio even after I fully recovered. When I was ready to re-start my fitness journey, I eased myself back into cardio... Read More

Easy, Delicious Parmesan Salad

Posted On Jan 25, 2024 By Brandy Gales

Parmesan salad
Tell me the truth... Has the increase in the price of groceries as of late been affecting your families as much as it has been affecting mine? Due to the rising costs of... Read More

Strong Core Workout

Posted On Jan 19, 2024 By Lisa Traugott

A woman lying on the floor doing leg lifts
Feeling good for summer starts in the winter. What better place to start than the center of it all – your core. Your core muscles include your stomach, hips, lower back and pelvis. Having a strong core improves your posture and... Read More

Mental Health and Exercise

Posted On May 9, 2023 By Lisa Traugott

woman on an exercise bike
Feeling stressed? Anxiety and depression are common issues we face, but increasing numbers of studies demonstrate even moderate amounts of exercise will improve your mental health.... Read More