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Healthy and Delicious Almond Flour and Gluten-free Recipes: Appetizers

Posted On Aug 1, 2013 By Bowflex Insider Team

Almond Flour
These days, there are so many alternatives for baking and cooking for those diagnosed with Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance. One common substitute is almond flour, so we decided to reach out to our friends at the Almond Board of... Read More

Your Eyes Won't Believe It. They Look Just like Your Favorite Summer Treats BUT With Way Fewer Calories: Ice Cream

Posted On Jul 31, 2013 By Bowflex Insider Team

Ice Cream Recipes
We've all done it. You walk into the grocery store, and you just happen to end up in the frozen aisle, and your favorite ice cream is calling your name. You try to resist the temptation, but it's so hot... Read More

Waste Not Want Not

Posted On Jul 30, 2013 By Jennifer Galardi

organizing living-space
I recently moved into a new apartment and realized all my junk moved with me. I've spent the past two weeks tossing old papers, photos, pens and other things I don't need or even like. I'm not saying I belong... Read More

Aim High for a Joyful Life

Posted On Jul 29, 2013 By Vito La Fata

Aim high for a joyful life
What is the secret to achieving happiness? We all want it, yet so few people actually say they have it. You can listen in on conversations and pick up an undertone of discontent. In our abundant society, it seems even... Read More

Top 5 Gym Mistakes

Posted On Jul 25, 2013 By Tom Holland

Cycling group class
Having spent more than two decades working in every type of gym and even owning one myself for a few years, the number of people working out incorrectly never ceases to amaze me. Many people fail to see results because... Read More