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How Long Does It Take To See Results

Posted On Jan 24, 2020 By Lisa Traugott

A days on a calendar.
I once had a gym buddy who said he was going to get a bar and name it Resolutions and it would only be open the first two weeks of January. There’s a lot of truth behind the snark. Research has shown that less than 25% of people actually... Read More

Batch Cooking: One-Pan Roasted Sausage and Veggies

Posted On Jan 22, 2020 By Brandy Gales

Roasted vegetables with sausage and Parmesan cheese on a plate.
With the New Year comes a focus on meal planning and prepping in my family. That doesn’t just mean dinner but this also applies to lunches for the kids, as the return to preschool as well as meals for myself and lunches for my husband to... Read More

Back To School: Dorm Room Workout

Posted On Jan 15, 2020 By Bowflex Insider Team

A woman performing a Russian twist with a Bowflex 840 adjustable kettlebell
So you’re back at college after the winter break and are getting back into the swing of things. While you were home, you might have slipped into your old routines of heading to the gym or playing a game of pickup basketball with your siblings, and realized... Read More

Back To School: Tips To Avoid Stress

Posted On Jan 13, 2020 By Bowflex Insider Team

Three people walking outside.
After the holidays end and the Christmas lights are taken down, the time has come for many college students around the country to head back to campus. College is an exciting time, but it also brings with it a major shift in your lifestyle and that can become... Read More

Greek Momma Goddess Dip

Posted On Jan 10, 2020 By Brandy Gales

A plate of crackers and chopped veggies surrounding a bowl of Greek dip.
The holidays are over and so is my focus on heavy meals and comfort food. I like to move back into the light, crisp flavors that include a lot of vegetables as the focus of the meal. This helps to regulate any holiday weight gain I may have incurred as well as to get my children back to their normal eating routine.... Read More