Workout on the Go: Core and More with the CoreBody Reformer!

Posted On Aug 19, 2013 By Jennifer Galardi

CoreBody Reformer Workout By Jennifer Galardi For When You Are On The Go

The end of summer is no time to slack on your workout routines. I've put together two mini routines that you can take indoors or out to maintain your physique – and your confidence – as you make the most of the long days and warmer temps.

One of my favorite at-home, portable pieces of equipment is the Nautilus CoreBody Reformer®. I am the lucky gal who got to design the workouts that come with the CoreBody Reformer to get you started on a new healthy regime quickly and easily. Here are some of my favorite moves. (P.S.: You can do variations of these moves without the CoreBody Reformer, but like a banana and peanut butter, it's so much better with!)