4 Simple Questions

4 Questions Before Starting Your Workout Resolution

Posted On Jan 5, 2015 By Joe Vennare

What does healthy look like? Or how about being fit? That's easy! Anyone who is really serious about being healthy has to run a marathon or an extreme race, or do intense workouts or yoga. Oh, and don't forget about... Read More
Walking or Running: The Great Debate

Walking or Running: The Great Debate

Posted On Dec 31, 2014 By Joe Vennare

When it comes to cardio, which form is the best? Should running be the goal, or is a brisk walk enough to bring results? Well, it depends on which type of results you're after. But even if you were to... Read More
15 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Daily Routine

15 Simple Ways to Get More Out of Every Day

Posted On Oct 20, 2014 By Joe Vennare

Have you ever felt like every day is the same? Slam the snooze button too many times. Skip breakfast. Work all day. Get home late. Eat anything that's within reach, while watching too much television. Stay up too late. Sleep... Read More
Boston Marathon runner

From Bad Knees To Running the Boston Marathon

Posted On May 15, 2014 By Tom Holland

I started working with Michael just after he turned fifty. Like many men his age, he had decided he wasn't where he wanted to be physically and was ready to make a change. His goals were simple and common: to... Read More
BowFlex TreadClimber weight loss story

A Weight Loss Story That Will Inspire You!

Posted On Oct 31, 2013 By BowFlex Insider Team

Meet Colleen. At 55, Colleen Whiteaker had been overweight her entire life. She suffered from high blood pressure and, after spending a decade trying to lose the extra weight, she'd almost given up. Her children approached her and encouraged her... Read More