The Two-Minute Plank and Push-up Workout

Posted On Aug 4, 2016 By Tom Holland

The Two-Minute Plank and Push-up Workout

Say goodbye to the standard 60-minute exercise sessions that you just can't seem to work into your busy schedule — I believe the future of fitness will be the “micro-workout.” Short, focused exercise sessions that you fit in throughout the course of the day. Sure, there will always be a time and a place for longer sessions; they will just be the exception rather than the rule.

You might do a cardio micro-session in the morning, a core micro-session at noon, and a strength micro-workout in the evening. You are much more likely to do these shorter sessions and combined they are just as effective as one longer workout. Far too many people fail to do any exercise at all because they simply cannot allocate thirty minutes or more all at once — The great news is that you don't have to.

Just a few minutes is all you need to better your health and well-being. Taking two tried-and-true exercises like the plank and push-up and putting them together is one example of an extremely effective micro-workout, one that neatly combines strength and core work into one. Remember that true success in fitness is not about doing a lot a little bit, but rather doing a little bit a lot.

Here is a two-minute plank and push-up workout to add to your growing toolbox of micro-workouts:

This video also shows you a few variations on planks and push-ups that will allow you to tailor the workout a bit more to your fitness level. Here are the variations you will see for each exercise:


  1. Straight arm plank (beginner)
  2. Bent arm plank (intermediate)
  3. Plank with alternating leg lifts (advanced)


  1. Knee Push-ups (beginner)
  2. Regular Push-ups (beginner/intermediate)
  3. Spider-man Push-ups (advanced)

Mix and match these different variations as needed to create the workout level that is right for you.

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