Best Fitness Trend 2015

The Best Fitness Trend for 2015

Posted On Jan 27, 2015 By Joe Vennare

What is a trend? Technically speaking, it's a change or development in a specific direction. In the fashion world, trends tend to get a lot of play. One such trend that comes to mind is the combination of the skinny... Read More
How to maintain an active lifestyle at work

How to Beat the "8-Hour Sit"

Posted On Nov 3, 2014 By BowFlex Insider Team

Sitting for long periods of time has long been known to cause common muscle stiffness, sore joints and weight gain. Recent research has shown that the average eight hour work day is also harmful to the human body in ways... Read More
Brandlive Webcast with fitness bloggers

Webcast: Fitness Bloggers Share Their Weight Loss Stories!

Posted On Jul 24, 2014 By BowFlex Insider Team

Earlier this week, bloggers Brooke Birmingham from Brooke: Not On A Diet and David Garcia from Keep It Up David! joined fitness guru Tom Holland and BowFlex host Rob Murdock for a special fitness-focused Q&A. In case you missed last... Read More
BowFlex Max Trainer weight loss success story

The Long Journey — A Nurse Shares his Path to Healthy Living

Posted On Jul 9, 2014 By BowFlex Insider Team

"It's not always the motivation, it's the commitment." – Scott Martin, 46 Meet Scott: nurse, dad and mountain biker. While it may sound like he has it all, it was a long journey to gain what he has today. Before... Read More