Push-Pull Dumbbell Workout

Posted On Oct 29, 2021 By Amy Kiser Schemper

A man performing bent over rows with adjustable dumbbells.

Feeling a little bored of your standard leg day/arm day/core day workout splits? Needing a change from your full-body workouts and wanting to focus on certain muscle groups for that extra challenge? Then it’s time for you to try the push-pull training style.

The push-pull training style means you work muscles that push one day, while training the muscles that pull on a separate day. It's great for targeting the upper body based on movement patterns and can be paired easily with a leg and core day. Your push day typically trains your chest, shoulders and triceps, while your pull day works your back, biceps and forearms. Of course, you can mix it up as you choose. Try this quick Push Day/Pull Day dumbbell workout combo below and take your upper body training to the next level!

Push-Pull Dumbbell Workout

Push Day Dumbbell Workout

  • Shoulder press
  • Chest press
  • Tricep kickback

Pull Day Dumbbell Workout

  • Bent over row
  • Bicep curl
  • Reverse fly

Do each for 45 seconds of work, followed by 15 seconds of rest. For Sets 2 and 3, rotate the grip and angle.

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