3 Easy and Effective Hamstring Stretches

Posted On Dec 10, 2015 By Tom Holland

3 Easy and Effective Hamstring Stretches

The hamstrings are three long muscles found on the back of the thigh. They can become shortened, or "tight," through numerous forms of exercise including walking and running. Strangely enough, they can also become tighter due to inactivity, especially sitting for extended periods of time. Tight hamstrings often lead to a wide variety of lower leg issues, as well as lower back pain. The quick solution? A few minutes of targeted stretches:

In this video are three different stretches that will stretch your hamstring in the standing, kneeling, and sitting positions. Hold each stretch for around 10-60 seconds. Try to do these stretches every day to improve your hamstring flexibility and reduce the likelihood of problems from tight hamstrings.

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