Fitness as a Family: Q&A with the Kellogg Family

Fitness as a Family: Q&A with the Kellogg Family

Posted On Nov 21, 2015 By BowFlex Insider Team

What would it be like to travel the country in an RV with 14 people? For the Kellogg family, this adventure became daily life when the group packed up and hit the road three years ago - traveling more than... Read More
8 Signs You May Have a BowFlex Mom

8 Signs You May Have A "BowFlex Mom"

Posted On May 10, 2015 By BowFlex Insider Team

Today is a day for us to celebrate some of the most important people in our lives - our mothers. And while each of our moms has their unique and special personalities, if your mom does any of the below,... Read More
The Mental Challenge of Training

The Mental Challenge of Training - IRONMAN Update

Posted On Feb 25, 2015 By Tom Holland

Here I am, roughly a month away from competing in the IRONMAN South African Championship. People who know I am racing will frequently ask, "So, how is your training going?" Training for an IRONMAN is always difficult given the obvious... Read More
Going Outside Your Comfort Zone: The IRONMAN Swim

Going Outside Your Comfort Zone - The IRONMAN Swim

Posted On Feb 11, 2015 By Tom Holland

I was not on the swim team as a kid. My only swim training growing up consisted of body surfing in the ocean during the summer vacation months. So, like so many other people who start doing triathlons, I was... Read More
Brandlive Webcast with fitness bloggers

Webcast: Fitness Bloggers Share Their Weight Loss Stories!

Posted On Jul 24, 2014 By BowFlex Insider Team

Earlier this week, bloggers Brooke Birmingham from Brooke: Not On A Diet and David Garcia from Keep It Up David! joined fitness guru Tom Holland and BowFlex host Rob Murdock for a special fitness-focused Q&A. In case you missed last... Read More