Fit Tip: The 12 Days of Christmas Workout

Posted On Dec 17, 2018 By Amy Kiser Schemper

Fit Tip: 12 Days of Christmas Workout with Amy Kiser Schemper

The holidays are here, and with that comes family, travel, good food and good fun. Often that also means letting our health and fitness goals go by the wayside. Don’t get me wrong; there is absolutely nothing wrong with skipping a workout or having extra dessert during the holidays. While this is not the time of year to have big goals, too often we slide into what I call the “Wait Until January” mindset. We slide out of regular workout routines because the New Year is coming and we’ll get a fresh start then. Here are a few tips to keep you moving and stay out of that holiday slump.

  1. Ease into the New Year

    Planning for New Year’s resolutions and goals is great! But there’s no reason you can’t start slowly working towards them now. Planning to run a 10K? Start logging a few miles now. Aiming for 5 days a week of workouts in January? Try for 3 a week in December. Easing your body and brain into it will set you up for later success.

  2. Plan to maintain and not gain

    Most of us eat a little differently and a little more this time of year, but that doesn’t mean we have to pack on extra pounds. Even just a few workouts over the holidays can combat that dreaded holiday weight gain.

  3. Get fit with family

    Instead of catching up with loved ones on the couch, get active together. Talk a walk or hike outside if weather permits. Try a class with friends. Or do a fun workout at home like the one below with the whole family.

  4. Remember how much you feel better you feel after a workout!

    This is by far the number one reason to get moving this holiday season. While holidays are a fun time, they also can be stressful for many. Getting the heart pumping and endorphins flowing will help ensure a happy holiday for everyone.

Looking for a quick but challenging workout you can do anywhere? Try my 12 Days of Christmas workout below!

Twelve bodyweight moves to both strengthen your muscles and get your heart pumping for fat blasting cardio. Go up to 12 and back down, OR, take it like the traditional Christmas song.

1 Plank.
2 Pushup Popups, 1 Plank.
3 Squat Jumps, 2 Pushup Popups, 1 Plank, and so forth.

Twelve Days of Christmas Workout:

  1. 30 Second Plank
  2. Pushup Popups
  3. Squat Jumps
  4. V Up Twists
  5. Burpees
  6. Tricep Bridges
  7. Sumo Squat Side Knee
  8. Speed Skaters
  9. Bear Plank Lifts
  10. Plank Presses
  11. Mountain Climbers
  12. Lunge Jumps

Happy Holidays!

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