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Your Guide to Long-Term Success

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“Great app that creates workouts suited to my capabilities and workout history. Very easy to use.”

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Designed Exclusively for Bowflex® Max Trainer & Bowflex® Treadmills

Workouts shouldn't be one size fits all. JRNY assesses your fitness level and provides daily, personalized workouts that automatically adjust as you improve over time.

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JRNY App Features

JRNY creates your personalized workout plan.

Workouts that Automatically Adjust as You Improve

Creates daily workouts that will keep you improving for the long-term.1

Fitness Assessment Captures Your Fitness Level

Personalizes workouts that are 100% unique to you.1

Trainer-Led Video Workouts

Recommends videos based on your workout history.1, 4

Real-World Maps

Immerses you in virtual courses that auto-adjust to your speed.1, 4

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Friendly Virtual Coaching that Guides You

Coaches and motivates you through every personalized workout.1

Rewards & Tracking that Celebrate You

Celebrates your milestones, achievements, and personal bests.

Streaming Shows

Lets you binge your Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu accounts.2, 3

Bowflex Radio

Fuels your workout with an ever-changing lineup of new playlists.1

Get a Personalized Coaching Experience

JRNY enhances your Bowflex Max Trainer and Treadmill workouts.

What People Are Saying About JRNY

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Access JRNY today via iOS and Android devices or directly from your Max Total touch screen.

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1 Bowflex JRNY™ subscription required. After the free trial ends, your subscription will automatically renew monthly at then-current rates unless canceled at least 48 hours before the trial period ends. To manage or cancel, call 1-800-605-3369.
2 Only available with Max Total™ machine.
3 Subscription to streaming services not included.
4 Not yet available with treadmill workouts.