LIFT Session FAQs

Online Training FAQs

& how to get your Free Personalized Workouts

We are so excited to announce our NEW personalized one on one training from a fitness expert. We've made it that simple to reach your fitness goals. Order a Max Trainer or set of SelectTech Dumbbells today and receive FREE online training sessions!

What is a live online training session?

Bowflex is providing you with elite coaches who will provide feedback, corrective cues and help you get fit in record time. Utilizing live audio and video technology, these sessions are available in both group and 1:1 format. It's as close to having a personal trainer in your home without them actually being there.

What is the difference between a group session and a 1:1 session?

Group sessions are conducted by a live coach, with up to 12 members from different locations. 1:1 sessions are conducted by a live coach like group sessions, but with 1 member only. 1:1 sessions can be better customized for each member, and more specific instructions can be provided to correct movement or adapt intensity. In a group session, you will see and hear all the other participants, and they will be able to see and hear you. If you are not comfortable yet with this concept, you can join in private mode where only the coach will be able to see and hear you.

How do I sign up for my free personal session, 3 group sessions and personalized workout plan?

After purchasing your Bowflex Max Trainer or Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells, you will receive an order confirmation email with a link to sign up for your free sessions. If you missed this email or cannot find the link, no worries. You'll receive additional email reminders within the first few days of purchase. Once you sign up, your coaches will take it from there!

How long are sessions?

30 minutes.

Is it really free?

Bowflex Max Trainer owners receive 1 personal session, 3 group sessions and a personalized workout plan absolutely free. Bowflex SelectTech owners receive 1 personal session and 3 group sessions for free. Monthly subscriptions and packages for both 1:1 and group training are available through LIFT with great discounts for Bowflex owners.

Do I need to provide credit card information for my 1 personal session, 3 group sessions or personalized workout plan?

No. Credit card information is not required.

Who is my coach?

Your coaches are incredibly experienced, motivational fitness professionals that are passionate about giving you the perfect workout.

Can my coach see me and speak to me?

Yes. Your coach can see you and the rest of the group and speak with you through your webcam and mic. You can also speak to the coach at any time during a session.

Do I need equipment for my session?

All you need is a Bowflex Max Trainer or a set of Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells to get started.

What do I need for my session?

A computer, Wi-Fi and a little space. These sessions can be done from any computer with a webcam and the Google Chrome browser or on an Android Tablet. 1:1 Sessions are also available on iPad through the LIFT Session iPad app.

Which devices can I use?

Group sessions and 1:1 sessions are available through Chrome and Firefox web browser on any laptop or Android tablets. 1:1 sessions are also available through the LIFT Session iPad app for iPads.

Can I do my session from a TV?

Yes. In order to set this up you will need an HDMI adapter to connect your computer or tablet to your TV.

How should I set up for my session?

You will want to have your computer or tablet about 6-8 feet away from where you will be working out so that the coach can see you well. Before your session perform a "Test Connection" to make sure your Wi-Fi, browser and camera are ready to go.

Can I invite friends and family to be a part of my group session?

Yes. We highly recommend inviting friends to join, wherever they are.

Should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.