TreadClimber TC100 Assembly Video

Video Transcript:

BowFlex TreadClimber TC100 Assembly Video. This video is intended to be a supplement to the assembly manual provided with your product. Please be sure to read your assembly manual thoroughly as it contains important safety warnings and assembly tips. We encourage you to follow along with your assembly manual.

Step 1: before beginning assembly, please open all the boxes and collect all the pieces necessary for each assembly step. Because some components are heavy and ackward, we recommend using two people to complete all of the following steps.
Step 2: cut open the end of box two and move the treadle assembly into your fitness area. Once the treadle assembly is in place, cut the shipping strap. Note: do not crimp the cable.
Step 3: lift up the treadles and slide the packaging boxes under the base of the treadle assembly and the treadles. The treadles do not lock and must be supported safely. Please note that the walking belt and drive belt are connected and when one part moves the other does as well.
Step 4: connect the left upright to the right upright. Hardware should be only hand tightened during this step.
Step 5: locate the red plastic tie at the bottom of the right upright. Secure the tie to the end of the cable which should be coming out of the right side of the treadle assembly. Once the tie is secured to the cable, gently pull the cable up through the upright. Be extra careful not to crimp the cable.
Step 6: attach the upright assembly to the treadle assembly. You may need to ply additional force to get the upright assembly to align with the treadle assembly. Once aligned, secure the upright assembly to the base. Hardware should only be hand tightened during this step. Note: do not crimp the I/O cable.
Step 7: route the console cable through the handlebar using the red plastic tie in the handlebar assembly. Connect the heartrate connectors to the console connectors. Attach the console to the handlebar assembly.
Step 8: carefully connect the I/O cable at the top of the upright to the console, then secure the console handlebar assembly to the upright assembly. Hand tighten all hardware until inner bolt holes align and then fully tighten the hardware. Note: do not crimp the I/O cable.
Step 9: attach the footrail covers to the treadle assembly.
Step 10: attach the cylinders (also known as hydrolics or shocks) to the uprights and then to the treadles. Gently life one treadle and attach the cylider on the treadles to the top of the upright. Make sure the aarows are facing to the rear of the TreadClimber and secure with the hardware. Then repeat on the other side. Tighten all hardware from previous steps and remove the packaging boxes from underneath the treadles.
Step 11: attach the rear cover onto the treadle assembly by removing the pre-installed hardware with a phillips head screwdriver. Then, use the hardware to secure the rear cover to the treadle assembly. Tighten all hardware from this step.
Step 12: gently tilt the TreadClimber onto its side using two people. Loosen the pre-installed hardware on the left side of the treadle assembly using the phillips head screwdriver. Attach the cover to the base and secure the hardware. Attach the leveler feet to the upright assembly. Return the machine upright and repeat on the opposite side.
Step 13: attach the rear step to the treadle assembly.
Step 14: connect the power cord to the treadle assembly. The TC100 should be plugged into a properly wired and grounded three-prong outlet. If you connect the machine to an outlet with GFI (Ground Fault Interupt), or AFI (Arc Fault Interupt) the machine operation can cause the circuit to trip.
Step 15: Perform a final inspection. Make sure all the hardware is tight and all the components are properly installed.
Enjoy your new BowFlex TreadClimber TC100.