TreadClimber Shock Adjustment

Video Transcript:

Adjusting the shocks on a TreadClimber machine. Note your machine may not match exactly.

The TreadClimber machine uses a shock on each of the treadles. The distance that each treadle moves is controlled by the speed of the walking belt. The user's weight and the dial setting on the shock during a workout, your legs and joints are cushioned by the movement of the treadles for maximum comfort during a workout. The treadles should move about three inches, eight centimeters, with each step for the initial configuration. The dial label on your shocks may not match exactly, but how it operates is the same minimum setting on the dial that allows for the least amount of treadle movement. The maximum is the most movement.

Step 1: Align the arrow or dot of the dial with the arrow on the shock.

Step 2: With power supplied and the machine active, safely step onto the side rails.

Step 3: Attach the emergency safety key to your clothing.

Step 4: Start a practice workout at your desired speed.

Step 5: When the walking belts are up to speed, safely step onto the walking belts. Confirm that the treadles move about three inches and eight centimeters. (Warning do not adjust the dial on the shocks during a workout. Stop the workout and step off the machine before you adjust the shocks).

Step 6: Safely step off of the walking belts and onto the side rails. Stop the walking belts remove the emergency safety key, and then safely step off of the machine.

Step 7: If the treadles moved less than 3 inches, adjust the dial setting toward the maximum counterclockwise setting allowing more treadle movement. If the treadles move more than three inches, adjust the dial setting towards the minimum clockwise setting, allowing less treadle movement. Although the dial can be turned continuously in either direction, it is recommended not to rotate it fully. Only operate the dial within the range on the label. Do not turn the dial through the red zone.

Step 8: Safely repeat the previous steps until the treadles move the correct distance. (Note the initial treadle movement of 3 inches is only a starting distance. You may want to adjust the travel distance of the treadles). Once you have used the machine, adjust the shocks until the treadles move your desired distance. You may also find that one of your feet could use more cushioning than the other. Since the settings on the shocks do not need to be set to the same setting, safely adjust the more cushioning shock slightly toward the minimum setting to provide additional comfort.