TreadClimber FAQ Video

Video Transcript:

Hi, Tim Arndt here, BowFlex Personal Trainer, and we're going to cover a couple of frequently asked questions while using the TreadClimber.

One of them is the treadles bottoming out. So if you're using the machine and you're hearing this while you're using it, that knocking sound, that's bottoming out. So there's a couple things you may need to do to make an adjustment for that. One, you can actually go a little faster and then two you may need to actually reduce the number on your cylinder. And that should cover that.

The other issue is the treadles not moving far enough past each other. Maybe they're just moving a little bit. A couple causes for that. One is stepping on the back, like this. I can hardly get these to move here. So if you step up more towards the front, it'll actually move more freely and you'll get a more effective workout. The other issue is holding yourself up on these bars. On these handles. A lot of people will do this, cause it's more comfortable and easier for them, but it actually reduces the effectiveness of the workout. So make sure you have a light grip on it. On either of the handles. Stand tall. Step towards the front of the treadles and you'll get a more effective workout.