Revolution Home Gym Assembly Video

Video Transcript:

BowFlex Revolution Home Gym Assembly Video. This video is intended to be a supplement to the assembly manual provided with your product. Please be sure to read your assembly manual thoroughly as it contains important safety warnings and assembly tips. We encourage you to follow along with your assembly manual.

Step 2: remove styrofoam inner packing.
Step 2-1: remove and discard the three pieces of styrofoam inner packing. You must open the plastic bag and remove each piece of styrofoam individually.
Step 3: install tension shaft.
Step 3-1: align the rounded side of the tension shaft with the rounded side of the hole in the main unit and slowly slide the shaft through until it clicks into place. If the shaft is obstructed inside the main unit, loosen the tension screws in the tension shaft holder. If you didn't feel or hear a distinct click, make sure the shaft is centered by measuring the amount of exposed shaft on each side of the main unit. There should be an equal measure on each side.
Step 4: tighten tension shaft holder.
Step 4-1: use a 7/32" allen wrench to tighten the tension shaft holder by tightening the screws in numerical order shown on the tensioner. Tighten the two screws marked "1" then the two marked "2" etc. The screws may be difficult to see so make sure that the allen wrench is seated properly before turning. Do not replace top cover at this time.
Step 5: install pre-tension SpyraFlex packs.
Step 5-1: align the rounded edge of the pre-tension SpyraFlex pack with the rounded edge of the tension shaft and slide it all the way onto the shaft.
Step 5-2: when the pack makes contact with the cam continue to apply pressure and twist the pack to the left until you feel the pack seat into place.
Step 5-3: install and completely tighten hardware. Installing screws in a star pattern around the pre-tension pack.
Enjoy your new BowFlex Revolution Home Gym.