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Filter by weight loss category

Meet Chandell

"105 pounds in less than a year - I feel proud. It's amazing."∞

Meet Nick

"[My TreadClimber®] has changed my life considerably, I no longer have high blood pressure and I'm confident in myself. I have had the best work year of my life! My wife and kids are proud of me and I love life again."∞

Meet Colleen

"In just 10 months I lost 110 lbs. That's a whole other person!"∞

Meet Ryan

"I wasn't the happy chubby guy at all. Not every construction guy's in great shape. A lot of people are very product of what I've done. They want to know where my other half went - that other part of me isn't coming back."∞

Meet Ron

"I lost 100 pounds with the Bowflex TreadClimber. I always have people give me that double-take like 'You look great; you look younger.'"∞

Meet Autumn

"In 30 minutes on a TreadClimber I can lose 500 calories. The more I did it, the more excited I got."∞

Meet Lacy

"The TreadClimber is so easy. It's right in your home and all you do is get on and walk! If I can do it anyone can do it."∞

Meet Guy

"...I got on the TreadClimber and in two weeks I literally turned my life around."∞

Meet Briana

"I used it for 30 minutes 3 times a week and saw great results."∞

Meet Shelly

"It's just amazing. It's so easy on your joints and I just kept feeling more energetic. At 38 years old I feel better than I did in my 20's."∞

Meet Anthony

"I'm dunking balls instead of doughnuts. The kids are saying dad's a more energetic dad who always wants to play around. I feel like a new man."∞

Meet April

"I'm just an average ordinary mother and wife. If I can do it anyone can!"∞

Individual results will vary.

"...TreadClimber is the absolute BEST decision my family and I have ever made. It is a miracle machine."

- Elizabeth Dean, The Tampa Tribune

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