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Xtreme 2 SE


Estimated List Price $1,199 $3,995*
Optional Accessories $157.98
(Tricep Rope + Mat - sold individually)
Adjustable Bench built-in
Bar and Handles included
(Handles + Bench + Bar + Tricep Rope + Roller + Mat - sold as a bundle)
Optional Resistance Upgrade 210 - 310 lbs $129
310 - 410 lbs $129
Assembly Optional $299 Required & included after pre-installation survey and approval
Shipping $0 $295
First Year App Subscription N/A $719.40 ($59.95/month) Tonal Membership1
Estimated 3-Year Total Cost2 $1,913.98 Three-Year Total Cost $6,943.20 Three-Year Total Cost
Compatible Fitness Apps N/A Tonal
Screen N/A 24" Touchscreen
Form Check No Yes
Rep Counting No Yes
Wi-Fi Required No Yes
Power Source None 120V 60hz 12amp plug within 3 feet of product (no extension cords)
Weights/Resistance 210 lbs of Power Rod resistance (optional upgrade to 310 lbs or 410 lbs) Cable with 200 lbs of digital resistance
Assembled Product Size 53" L x 49" W x 83.25" H 5.25" D x 21.5" W x 50.9" H
Assembled Product Weight 185 lbs 150 lbs
Moveable after Assembly/Install Yes No
Warranty 7 Years - Frame
5 Years - Rods
3 Years
Learn More Add To Cart Learn More * Based on as of April 28, 2023.

1. Pause or cancel at any time after the required 12-month commitment period. Tonal Membership is $59.95/month* (plus applicable sales tax) with a minimum 12-month commitment which will be charged to a credit card collected upon device activation.

2. Includes estimated list price, shipping cost, assembly cost, optional upgrades and accessories, and subscription cost. Assumes subscription is maintained for the 3-year period. Does not include the cost of taxes. Subscription fees subject to change.