Power Off

Posted On May 4, 2016 By Rachel Weingarten

Power Off

Like most "too busy" people, I spend much of my day worrying if my smartphone has enough juice to keep me connected for the day, and the rest of the time worrying that I'm far too connected as it is.

I've decided to make a concerted effort to use my digital leash as a metaphor and come up with ways to feel less tied down to routines that no longer work—and less tied to technology when possible.

  1. Time to Recharge

    Even a humble cell phone can't operate when its battery is running low. I'm going to take a cue from my phone and try to find small ways to energize and recharge throughout the day—before I get into such a slump that I can no longer function. A healthy snack, a quick chat with a friend, a random hug. It all helps make even grey days better!

  2. Update my Operating System

    Whenever I least expect it, my phone informs me that it's time for a system wide update. Whether I like it or not, I have to shut off the phone as the brand new operating system is installed. We all get into work and life related ruts and can have a hard time figuring out what happens next. I'd like to start trying to use those literal system wide updates as a reminder to check in with my own operating system and see if there's something I need to update either personally and/or professionally.

  3. Mind my Minutes

    Why is it that we panic when we see we've nearly used up our minutes on our phone plans, but will also waste endless time rehashing life's worst moments? Whenever I notice that I've used up too much of my data plan, I'm going to try give myself a quick reminder that I need to stop wasting precious moments on the past.

  4. Reboot

    Sometimes, no matter what I do with my phone, it just stays stuck and the only thing that helps is a reboot. I'm going to give myself permission to reset things on a personal level as well.

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