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Resistance Training

10 Benefits of Resistance Training

With resistance training, any Bowflex® home gym can help you:

  1. Builds stronger muscles and leaner body
  2. Increase your metabolism
  3. Reduces your body fat
  4. Increase your energy level
  5. Reduce back pain
  6. Reduce joint pain
  7. Increase HDL (the "good" cholesterol)
  8. Increase your bone density
  9. Increase your speed of digestion
  10. Reduce your blood pressure

Jay Blahnik loves Bowflex

Jay Blahnik, chosen repeatedly as one of the Top Instructors in the world and a fitness consultant for Nike, Nautilus,, and others, loves Bowflex.

"If you are looking for a home gym, Bowflex is the one to get. It has more satisfied customers than any other in-home, total body strength-training product. Trainers, fitness professionals, and physical therapists all agree that the Bowflex works, and gets results! The Bowflex® home gym is the only home gym that I have ever recommended - there is no other product like it."