Confidently Beautiful

Posted On Jun 25, 2014 By Rachel Weingarten

beauty and confidence

For as long as I can remember I've been fascinated by the ever-evolving nature of the beauty culture. Sometimes short hair is in and then it's back to long; while curls give way to straight hair and bangs to bobs. Makeup has run the gamut from barely there to exquisitely obvious to matte to gloss to a little bit of everything. And so it goes. One cycle of beauty followed by some entirely different, seemingly contradictory style. Except for one thing – the one shared desirable quality exhibited by every great beauty over the centuries: Confidence.

Confidence turns an ordinary face into something dazzling and allows even seemingly imperfect features to take on a glow of something more. But in our own body-conscious culture, it can be hard to feel confident when the desired ideal sometimes feels unattainable.

Michael Ostrolenk, master coach, program director at SEALFIT'S Unbeatable Mind Academy, believes that using the power of one's mind can improve both attitude and outlook. Ostrolenk says, "Confidence with oneself begins with self- knowledge. We need to know our strengths, weakness, limitations and boundaries." So true. If you know your best qualities, you can play them up instead of trying to cram yourself into the idealized version of what society thinks you should look like. And confidence is cumulative – the better you feel, the better care you'll take of yourself. And so it goes.