You're Blushing

Posted On Feb 4, 2017 By Rachel Weingarten

You Are Blushing

A blush can mean so many things- embarrassment, arousal, flirtation, a heavy hand with a makeup brush…you get the idea. But with Valentine's Day on the horizon, blushing prettily can fake the look of being loved up even if you're anything but. It's also the perfect time of year for a blush primer.


Pretty much the oldest of the old-school expressions, usually meaning a somewhat thick and often red tinted cream used to redden the cheeks.


The longer name for what most of us call blush; usually a sheer powder tint to make cheeks redder or pinker looking. Also, used to describe certain bridal veils that cover the face just until below the cheeks, of the what else? Blushing bride.


The most commonly used word to describe the red, pink, coral, lavender or tinted shades usually applied to the apples of one's cheeks to add a spot of color. The most common iterations include classic powder applied with a brush; cream which can be applied with one's fingertips; gel, which adds a hint of tint; spray-on or airbrushed color, for a very even coverage and a very subtle effect.


The Kardashian kraze for very aggressively applied contouring which darkened the hollows in one's face thereby appearing to make the other areas "pop" also inspired a new generation of highlighters instead of traditional blush. Nice for an evening out, but less so for day to day use.

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