What No Longer Serves You

Posted On May 6, 2015 By Jennifer Galardi

What No Longer Serves You

"In-HAAAALLE positivity and light. Ex-HAAAAALE anything that doesn't serve you any longer."

You may have heard or read the words above either in a yoga class or the latest new age article. And although you've probably gone with it, you may have had the strong desire to blurt out "What the heck does that mean?!?"

I'm here to lay down some yoga speak in everyday language for you.

Quite simply, it means get rid of the people, thoughts, mental constructs, habits and relationships that are preventing you from being an amazing human being and living a fabulous life. I'm not kidding. We all have toxicity in our lives - whether physical or mental. The idea is to reduce that as much as possible.

You were put on this earth to fill a unique position only you can fill. Think of it as being the only applicant for your dream job. It's just sitting there waiting for you. You have to go find it. No doubt, anything worth having does not come easily, so you'll most likely have to plow through some tough terrain and slightly uncomfortable emotions and situations. You'll have to peel back the layers of the "should's" of society, or self-imposed "should's" - I should lose 5 pounds. I should go workout. I should be married by now. I should own a house. I should get a “real” job.

These "should's" weigh heavy on a heart. They are covering the very essence of who you are meant to be. Whether that's a magnificent Mom (I have friends that were simply born to guide little souls to greatness), a kick-ass CEO, or anything else that fits the passions that drive you.

In order to be the person you are meant to be, you are going to have to give up the person you thought you should be, as well as anything that stands in your way of becoming that person. That means letting go of drama and the people that always seem to be in the middle of it. It may mean letting go of food. I'm not talking about starving yourself or giving up one food in particular. I'm referring to using food as a numbing agent. I'm talking about giving up anything that distracts you from fulfilling your unique purpose in this life. Such distractions include, but are not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your phone, television, work, and certain relationships. You know where you spend countless minutes and hours distracting yourself from, well - you.

What do you do when you don't want to be with yourself or face your internal demons and dark spots? For many years, I numbed myself with exercise. Two hours a day was normal. When I wanted to “punish” myself, possibly more.

My other favorite distraction was food. The controlling and deprivation of it. Sometimes it still is. (I'm a work in progress too you know.) Because I love to cook, I'll sometimes use the kitchen as a diversion when I probably should be writing or practicing or quite honestly, just sitting on my butt listening to music.

Alcohol seems to be a favorite distraction. Although I don't shun the occasional glass of wine or celebratory cocktail, the fact of the matter is consistent and excessive use of alcohol clouds clear perception, and while it may take the edge off momentarily, it often leads to depression and brain fog even if you aren't officially hung over.

Is there anything, or anyone, that, if you let go, would offer you the space, freedom, and clarity to become who you truly are? What (or who) may be standing in between you and your most fulfilling future? These are the things (and people) that "no longer serve you." So the next time you're in down dog, you know exactly what to do when you exhale.

What things would you love to let go of so you can become who you truly are? Let us know in the comments below.