Webcast: Fitness Bloggers Share Their Weight Loss Stories!

Posted On Jul 24, 2014 By BowFlex Insider Team

Brandlive Webcast with fitness bloggers

Earlier this week, bloggers Brooke Birmingham from Brooke: Not On A Diet and David Garcia from Keep It Up David! joined fitness guru Tom Holland and BowFlex host Rob Murdock for a special fitness-focused Q&A.

In case you missed last week's blog post introducing the participants, David's fitness journey began with the help of fitness icon Richard Simmons, motivating him to lose over 160 pounds and keep it off for three years. Brooke lost 172 pounds, has kept it off for 5 years, and works as a Weight Watchers leader in Illinois. Tom is an internationally-recognized exercise and health professional and a regular contributor here at BowFlex Insider.

The webcast touched on the many different aspects of living a healthy lifestyle, such as how to stay motivated by tracking your success and the different types of exercises you can do to avoid getting bored.

Brooke, David and Tom also share tips on how to overcome one of the major hurdles people face in exercising regularly: time! They explain how to find the time to work out and how to develop a routine that fits well with your daily schedule. They even revealed the secret to a healthy diet without needing to count calories, as well as how to overcome temptations during social events.

You can watch the full video below and find out more on what Brooke, David and Tom had to say about their fitness goals, plans and inspirations. We know you'll be as inspired as we were by their stories.