Warm Up With Pilates!

Posted On Jul 7, 2014 By Erika Quest

Pilates warm up video

In this video blog post, I share a traditional Pilates warm-up I DO and teach clients at my studio in Laguna Beach, Calif., regularly.

First, we'll begin with exercises to articulate and mobilize the spine while gently waking up and preparing the deep abdominals. These exercises include:

  • Pelvic Curl/Articulating Bridge
  • Spine Twist Supine (on your back)

We're then moving straight into working the core and the concept of neutral pelvis while working in forward flexion or lifting the head, neck and shoulders. I'll address and challenge all aspects of the abdominals and spine (aka your powerhouse) with the following:

  • Chest Lift
  • Chest Lift + Rotation
  • Regressions (ways to make the exercises easier)
  • Progressions (ways to make the exercises harder)

Some of the many amazing benefits of Pilates you'll experience during this warm-up include:

  • Core integration
  • Total body movement
  • Breathing and mind/body awareness

You'll see that this video establishes a Pilates foundation and is the first to kick-off a series of Pilates and functional fitness-inspired segments to come, which will build on challenge, control and connection.

Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!