How to Use Your Workout to Unplug

Posted On Oct 16, 2017 By Rachel Weingarten

How to Use Your Workout to Unplug

Think you don't have time to add more mindfulness to your day? Believe it or not, you might find the Zen you seek right in the middle of your next workout.

Even if you're convinced you don't have enough time for intentional wellness or meditation breaks, there are ways you can (and probably should) use your workout as prime time to disconnect.

Shut the phone

Whether you're on the bike or out running, don't let the constant ding of updates interrupt your much-needed runner's high. Try to carve out a space of time when people know you're not going to be around to share recipes or memes. Too nervous to completely unplug during your workout? Consider using a burner phone exclusively for workouts and only give the number to family. If it rings, you know it's urgent. Or figure out the do not disturb function and use it.

Reclaim the 9 to 5

Or 5 to 9, but try to remember to allocate work issues to work time instead of work out time. By allowing yourself to concentrate on work exclusively during work hours and fitness or life in general the rest of the time, you're giving your brain permission to work in the background on problems or issues that plague you during your day. Refuel your mind and refuel your body, but try to start limiting your work obsession to work hours only to ensure you're using your time and time off most effectively.

Combine the two

Have you read about walking meditation? In a nutshell, instead of spending even more time sitting and trying to calm down before or after a day sitting at your desk, you create an environment where you're both walking and meditating. Concentrate on your steps; concentrate on your breaths. Allow your mind to wander and acknowledge those feelings, but then gently reign them in and back to being in the moment. You'll feel more clear-minded and present while also walking off any excess negative energy. You'll also have a clearer head when it's time to head back to the office again!