Unlock the Power in Your "WHY?"

Posted On Jun 21, 2021 By Breann Mitchell

A woman using a Velocore indoor cycling bike.

Do you have a goal you are working towards? Probably a silly question, we all have goals, but I’ll share a scenario I’m sure we can all identify with:

Motivation is high, you’re excited to make a change in your health and fitness routine, you decide what your first goal is, and then 5 days later you’re justifying to yourself why you will “Just start again on Monday”.

This scenario is typical, but it’s not because you lack motivation, it’s because you didn’t finish the most important part – clearly identifying and connecting with your WHY!

What the “WHY” can support

When we can connect with the WHY behind the WHAT, our goals take on new life and a deeper meaning. This is because it helps us creates a stronger connection to the outcome. We are able to see past our current situation, and envision life once the goal is achieved. By creating this connection, the stakes are raised, and we are less likely to buckle at the first sign of temptation.

Top reasons WHY our WHY is so powerful:

  • It is what drives the passion and purpose behind the goal
  • It is bigger than our excuses
  • It allows us to stay focused when temptation comes knocking
  • It distracts us from momentary discomfort to achieve the positive long-term outcome

Put your plan in motion

A woman using a BowFlex Velocore Indoor Cycling Bike.

So, new week, new goals… only this time let’s do this differently:

Each time you are preparing to implement a new habit or make a change, go through these steps to help ensure success! You can put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) – the goal is to take a few extra minutes to answer the following:

Q1: What do I want to accomplish?

Q2: WHY is this important to me?

Q3: HOW long will this take? (can be broken into phases, make sure it’s realistic)

Q4: HOW will this change my life when I achieve it?

Q5: HOW will I feel when I have accomplished this? (be very descriptive and connect with how it will feel)


Keep this information somewhere you will always see it and/or can quickly refer back! Read it regularly, read it to someone you’re close to, even meditate on it – and focus on the importance and how you will feel when you accomplish it.

Change is hard and we are human. I am not saying this is a fool proof method, but I guarantee you, taking this simple step will definitely help you reach your goals more consistently! I also would like to point out, the more goals you achieve, the more you will start to believe you can do anything! When you get there – the only issue will be “What happens when I run out of goals because I have achieved them all?”