Trainer Tales: Karie's Facebook Question - Part #1

Posted On Jul 10, 2014 By Tim Arndt, Resistance Training Specialist

Trainer Tales: Karie's Facebook Question Part 1

Recently on the Bowflex Facebook page, a customer, Karie, who recently purchased the MAX Trainer expressed frustration over not losing any weight after using her machine for 8 weeks at a minimum of 3 days per week. This is a frequently discussed topic, so I wanted to share the advice I gave to her which ultimately led her to successfully losing weight.

Here's what I wrote:
I understand your frustration. It's tough to put in so much effort and not see much, or any, reward. Here are some principles to remember when it comes to fat loss results:

  1. Weight/fat loss is almost 100% a matter of calories in vs. calories out. It doesn't mean you have to have a deficit everyday but if your weekly deficit is there, then you will lose weight. You can create this deficit by eating less (within reason) or working out (frequency and intensity). The MAX Trainer is meant to get your caloric burn up in minimal time. It will not make you lose weight. In fact, that will be impossible if your caloric intake is not at a consistent deficit.
  2. Sometimes medical issues can keep you from losing weight such as medications and even sleep apnea. If you're on medication you may want to talk to your doc about the effects they may have on your weight loss.
  3. Weight loss can take a long time! You MUST have patience and persistence.

From what you've told us…it sounds to me like you probably need to put a bigger focus on your caloric intake.

Research has shown that most people are not very good (terrible actually) at estimating their calories. I'd suggest doing that and keep a really sharp eye on your calories over the next 2 weeks.

Then if you're not losing weight, you can start reducing calories at about 100 cals per week until you find a number that allows you to lose weight.

NEVER, turn to doing a ton of exercise for your weight loss. It HAS to be a combo of your diet and exercise in order for this to be sustainable. If you're not able to sustain it, then you run a high risk of burnout, over-training and having a nasty rebound.

Karie thought she was on the right track. She was getting a great workout with her new machine and ate a sensible diet. As it turns out, it wasn't the machine that kept her from seeing weight loss results.

About 3 weeks later Karie responded back… See what she said in Part 2.