Tracie's Story: Redefining Yourself through Fitness

Posted On Oct 26, 2016 By BowFlex Insider Team

Tracie's Story: Redefining Yourself through Fitness

Tracie Hunsberger, 41, had always been independent and on the go. As a digital sales manager, the mother of four travelled frequently for work and had a regular fitness routine — until her world was turned upside down.

In February 2015, the Carmel, Indiana, native was diagnosed with breast cancer and elected to undergo a double mastectomy. Her surgery left her with no strength in her arms and feeling dependent on others.

In addition, every time Tracie started making progress toward regaining her strength, she found herself having to undergo another surgery.

"Working out after my surgeries was really challenging for me because I couldn't do a lot of extreme motions. Even lifting any amount of weight was hard," Tracie recalled. "I couldn't even get a cup out of the cupboard. I had trouble getting my suitcase in and out of the car or going through airports. All of those things that were second nature to who I was were taken away."

Tired of feeling helpless and vulnerable, Tracie knew she needed to commit to rebuilding her strength. After trying a variety of workouts, she found she needed something that would offer fluid motion and be gentler on her joints. Her solution? The BowFlex Max Trainer®.

"The 14-minute workout is a big draw for me. Who couldn't do something for 14 minutes?" Tracie said. "I found a workout that was gentle enough to allow me to get started and yet challenged me to push further each time — building strength and increasing the flexibility in my arms."

With the help of fitness, Tracie was able to gradually loosen the muscles that had limited her post-surgeries and achieved her goal of getting stronger. Today, she is feeling healthier than ever.

"A lot of healing and recovery is attitude and perception," Tracie explained. "A situation is as bad as you think it is. Fitness allowed me to make a mental shift. I wasn't identified by cancer anymore."

What advice does Tracie have for others who are just starting their fitness journeys?

"Working out is like anything," Tracie said. "The first few times are going to stretch you, and it's going to be difficult. But every time you do it, you'll get a little stronger and you'll breathe a little easier. It's a lot more fun."

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