TLC Make This Place Your Home

Posted On Oct 12, 2018 By Tom Holland

TLC Make This Place Your Home

Did you catch the premier episode of "Make This Place Your Home" on TLC two weeks ago? The one where BowFlex went to fitness pro Amy Schemper’s house in Los Angeles and completely remade her home gym?

If you missed it, no worries. BowFlex will be back on this weekend’s MTPYH, and it’s big.

Country music star big.

In this episode we catch up with singer, songwriter and country star Chase Rice while he’s out on tour. A former linebacker at the University of North Carolina, Chase left the gridiron and picked up a guitar in college when an injury ended his career in football.

But while his playing days may be over, Chase hasn’t stopped working out. He continues to exercise while on the road, even taking a set of 1090 SelectTechs with him and using a cooler as his bench.

Well, we thought it was time to update his 1090s and that cooler and outfit him with exactly what he needs to stay in shape while living on his tour bus. What did we give him? Watch this Saturday, October 13th at 9AM EST/PST, 8AM CST and 10AM MST to find out!

Want a sneak peek? Watch this quick clip!

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