Fit Tip Thursday: Three Exercises to Get You Energized

Posted On Apr 30, 2015 By Tom Holland

Three Exercises to Get Your Energized

When people are asked why they do not exercise regularly, they often cite lack of energy as one of the primary reasons. They contend that they are simply too tired to do so later in the day, due to the rigors of work, kids, and life in general. Likewise, they do not get to work out early because they need every extra minute of sleep; exercising is simply not worth the lost rest time.

What both exercise science and people who have made exercise a priority have discovered is that, while it does seem counterintuitive, exercise energizes rather than fatigues. In fact, the more intense the workout, oftentimes the greater the energy boost. One commonly used saying is that, "The hardest thing about exercise is getting to the gym." Or, if you choose to exercise at home, the hardest thing is often simply getting out of bed.

Yet regular exercisers will tell you that they need to exercise. I've trained numerous incredibly busy CEOs, celebrities and politicians over the years – each and every one of them said in one way or another that it was exercise that gave them the energy to keep their busy schedules and lifestyles.

Exercise provides both physiological and mental boosts - Here are three exercises to get you energized:

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