Three Effective Exercises to do Anywhere, Anytime

Posted On Nov 19, 2015 By Tom Holland

Three Effective Exercises to do Anywhere, Anytime

My fittest clients have never been the ones who go to the gym for an hour, six days per week; their primary focus is on working exercise into their daily routines, doing short "micro-workouts" throughout the day. A few minutes of calf stretches while waiting in line at the supermarket, a set of push-ups in the office before lunch, 20 seconds of squats while riding in an elevator (alone!). This approach is even more important given our increasingly sedentary society, plus it is significantly easier to do consistently than going to the gym. Here are three awesome exercises that you too can work into your busy daily routine, no matter where you are:

The three exercises shown are:

  1. Lunges
  2. Burpees (with and without push-ups)
  3. Bicycle Crunches

You may start out doing 10-15 reps when you're doing these exercises, or you can go for time, doing the exercise as many times as you can within 20-60 seconds. The beauty of these exercises is that they can scale to whatever time you have to do them.

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