Three Easy Ways to Make Your Desk Job Healthier

Posted On Oct 11, 2017 By BowFlex Insider Team

Ways to make your desk job easier

Working a traditional nine to five desk job can take a toll on your health. From long hours spent sitting in front of a computer to tempting treats in the office break room, it can be hard to stay focused on your fitness goals. One of the biggest challenges to staying healthy is time. Since you spend more time at work than almost any other place, it is a perfect opportunity to make small changes that can have a big impact on your long-term health.

  1. Eat smart

    Avoid unnecessary snacking and focus on eating balanced meals throughout the day. Don't keep unhealthy snacks within reach and bring lunches from home instead of eating out. By preparing your own meals, you can control exactly what you eat and avoid processed foods that can contain high levels of sodium and fat. Another way to make lunchtime healthier is to avoid eating at your desk. Try heading to a nearby park or even the break room down the hall. The time away from your desk will help you feel refreshed and focused to tackle the second half of your day.

  2. Find ways to get moving

    If you have a desk job, finding ways to stay moving throughout the day is important for your long-term health. Try taking the long way back to your desk, opting for stairs instead of the elevator or going on short walks around the block. Swap out your chair for a medicine ball or even upgrade to a standing desk to add more movement to your day. By adding little bursts of exercise, you will burn more calories than before and you won't feel the negative effects of your job on your body.

  3. Work in a clean space

    Keeping your desk and office clean can help you stay focused and productive during your workday. Strive to keep papers and items tidied up to avoid spending unnecessary time looking for misplaced documents. The perfect lighting is also essential to productivity. If your desk isn't located in a naturally lit area, try adding a desk lamp that provides a soft, warm light to brighten your space. Don't forget to occasionally clean surfaces to avoid allergens and other particles that can trigger health issues.