Fit Tip Thursday: The Two-Minute Partner Burpee Challenge

Posted On Jun 11, 2015 By Tom Holland

The Two-Minute Partner Burpees Challenge

The burpee: It's the "Will Ferrell of Bodyweight Exercises." You either love it or hate it - There is no in-between.

One thing that cannot be denied though, is that burpees are downright hard, and when it comes to exercise, hard usually means effective. Burpees are one of the purest total-body movements: They are cardiovascular, they build strength, they involve plyometric elements and, like every phenomenal bodyweight exercise, you can do them anytime, anywhere without any equipment.

To take it up yet another notch, all you need to do is take the burpee and add in a partner and a workout challenge that you work together to try to complete. So here you have it: A two-minute partner burpee challenge workout. Grab your spouse, a friend, even one of your kids, cheer each other on, and have fun with one of the greatest bodyweight exercises.

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