Taking it to the Streets:The ElliptiGO

Posted On Jul 12, 2013 By Tom Holland


It's pretty rare that you find something new that gets you excited when it comes to fitness, especially someone who has spent his life in the world of exercise. But, it happened recently to me with the ElliptiGO. Now I have been a runner and triathlete for more than twenty years, with more than 60 marathon and 21 Ironman finishes around the world. I love to swim, bike and run. Yet, I had literally never once used an elliptical trainer for a workout before I took my first spin a few months ago on an ElliptiGO. Described as "the first outdoor cross-training device engineered specifically for runners," it's just what it sounds like: an elliptical machine you ride on the road.


I have to admit, I was absolutely shocked at how much fun it was. I took it out on the road for an hour and worked up a huge sweat, hammering away like a kid who had just learned to ride his first bike. It is truly a unique workout: a perfect blend of running, biking and the elliptical machine, providing muscle activation unlike any I had ever experienced. And not only can you ride it outdoors but, like a bike, you can also put the ElliptiGO up on a trainer and ride it inside during cold and inclement weather.

Like all great inventions, the ElliptiGO was created out of need, and invented by a runner and Ironman who was injured and needed a new way to get in his cardio fix. Despite my race history, I am completely injury-free, but plan on using the ElliptiGO proactively to ensure I stay that way as part of my cross-training program.

Success in fitness comes from constantly mixing up our routines, which benefits us both physically as well as mentally. I will be using the ElliptiGO to stay healthy as well as to take on new challenges, including a 150-mile one day ride, and I can't wait.

Check out this video, where I took the ElliptiGO for a spin.