The 7 Habits of My Most Successful Clients [#4 May Surprise You!]

Posted On Jul 30, 2014 By Tom Holland

tom holland 7 habits of successful clients

After having worked with literally thousands of clients over the years, here are seven habits that my most successful all share:

  1. THEY SHOW UP: I believe it was Woody Allen who said "80% of success is showing up" — nowhere is this truer than in achieving your fitness goals. As simplistic as it may sound, the people who are the most consistent with their programs reap the biggest rewards. The days they are tired, angry, sad, it matters not. They show up and they get it done. The workout you want to skip is the one that counts the most.
  2. THEY THINK LONG-TERM: My successful clients don't focus on the smaller things, like day-to-day weight fluctuations or losing a lot of weight in a short amount of time. They realize the importance on taking small steps toward a concrete goal that they have a realistic amount of time to achieve. And they take pride in achieving these seemingly "small" steps.
  3. THEY DON'T DIET — EVER: My most successful clients eat. A lot. They know that healthy food like fruits, vegetables and lean sources of protein have low caloric densities and high nutritional value and that they need to eat these foods to reach their fitness goals.
  4. THEY EAT THE SAME THING: This may seem confusing at first. It's not that they eat a certain "magic" food all the time or even a follow specific diet; it's that they tend to eat the same things every day. The same breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. Why? Because then they don't have to go crazy counting calories. They know what works for them and they stick to it. Genius.
  5. THEY FORGIVE THEMSELVES: People often fail to achieve their fitness goals because they sabotage their plans when they overindulge, believing that since they have "failed," the day is completely lost, and so they continue to overeat. Successful clients realize that there is no one indiscretion that can keep them from achieving their goals, and if and when they falter, they get right back on track.
  6. THEY PUT ON THE BLINDERS: Successful clients set goals and focus on them, blocking out the distractions like fad diets and fad workouts, negative people and negative self-talk that can lead them astray. They have a plan and they execute it, period.
  7. THEY BELIEVE THEY HAVE CONTROL: One of the most important traits of successful clients is that they believe 100 percent that they have the capacity to achieve their goals. They don't blame bad genetics, or a slow metabolism, or a busy schedule; they believe that success comes down to their willingness to work hard. They know there are two things in life they themselves have ultimate control over — what they put in their mouths and how much they move.