Tech Essentials for a Healthier Life

Posted On Nov 20, 2017 By BowFlex Insider Team

Tech Essentials for a Healthier Life

In this day and age, technology has infiltrated every aspect of life. From the office to your house, gadgets can be found everywhere. They're an essential part of life – making everyday tasks and struggles a breeze. Living a fit and healthy lifestyle isn't an exception. Technology can help you kick bad habits, keep you motivated to work out and set you up for success. Looking for devices that can help you live a healthier life? Here are five tools that can help you live your best life:

  1. Natural light alarm clock

    Break your habit of hitting snooze by investing in a natural light alarm clock. These alarm clocks emit a soothing light that slowly increases in brightness – making waking up easier than ever. Natural light helps keep your internal clock on schedule and will leave you feeling more rested for the whole day.

  2. Fitness tracker

    Fitness trackers are a good tool for monitoring your physical activity. With one simple wristband, you can track your total number of steps, caloric burn, heartrate, sleep and even your location. These devices have been proven to keep you motivated and hold you accountable. Fitness trackers also make setting goals easy. So next time you put on your tracker, try walking or running an extra 1,000 steps.

  3. Smart water bottle

    Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day can be a challenge. Did you know you can buy a nifty gadget that reminds you to hydrate? Smart water bottles log the amount of water you drink throughout the day and alert you when you should be drinking more. Don't want to invest in a fancy water bottle? There are apps available that do the same thing, such as Plant Nanny. Simply download the app, log your water intake as you go and voila – you're on your way to better hydration.

  4. Smart scale

    You may have heard that weighing yourself can have negative effects on weight loss, but times have changed. Researchers recently found that weighing yourself every day can lead to increased weight loss. Today, scales have technology incorporated that can measure body fat, display weight loss goals and track your progress. Say goodbye to your weight loss journal and pick up a smart scale instead.

  5. Smartphone

    Although it may seem obvious, your smartphone can be the key to helping you live a healthier life. Podcasts, apps and built-in features can put you on the path to success by offering workouts, instructional videos, healthy recipes and a wealth of information.